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Alrighty, this was stolen from :iconEclipse-Luna-DA:. Like last time, this will be conducted by the various OCs I own.

Ddraig: Oh, ancestors, not again!
Eve: Let me guess, you've got political stuff to run away and do rather than this?
Ddraig: Yes! I have to... Erm, go speak with the council... About weights and measures! Yeah! That's it! :escapefromthezombie:
Greywater: Hey, that weights and measures thing sounds important! I'll come too ^^;
Eve: Oh, good grief... Well, hello there viewers. I'm sorry my mum and step-dad are total wusses. I'll be conducting this silly meme thing with my beautiful assistant, Olivia.
Olivia: Hello 

1: Feline, Canine or Dragon?

Eve: Hmmm, well, I think this goes without saying.
Olivia: Yes it does, we're both clearly furries!
Eve: LOL Erm, no. Last time I check, we were both dragons.

2: Good Looking Cars or Super-Fast Cars?

Eve: In dragonyears, I'm not even old enough to get a driver's license. And in any case, Ima' dragon! Mascot Adrian La Emote 

3: If you had the chance to turn into your Sona or an OC, what would you be and what would you do first?

Olivia: Erm, what?
Eve: Facepalm Oh, I know what this is. This is one of those questions... Ddraig!
Ddraig: Yes dear?
Eve: No! Not you! The other Ddraig! you know, this nob-head? :iconddraigtanto:
"Ddraig": Oh, how charming. You do realise I control your entire universe?
Eve: Was that why you made me get drunk and throw myself out a window?
"Ddraig": *moving swiftly on* If I could turn into my dragonsona, I definitely would. If only to prevent my dear Eve from calling me a nob-head again.

4: Classic, Legend or Skylander Spyro?

Eve: Erm, what Spyro?
"Ddraig": This is me again, cover your ears dear, you've already got enough of an existential crisis from me talking to you like this. *clear his throat* I loved Classic Spyro as a kid. When I saw TLoS for the first time, I loved that too. It felt like a natural progression of the Spyro franchise, in line with the ages of its original audience Skylanders? Well... swearing  *a few minutes of uncontrollable, unfiltered hatred directed at Acitivision later* ...Okay, I'm done. I think you might need me again for some of the other questions, so I'll just twiddle my thumbs for now...
Eve: Thanks... ¬_¬

5: Literature or Art?

Eve: Literature! I Run...with BOOKS 
Olivia: Art! :painter:
Eve & Olivia: Towel fight 

6: Who would be your dream person to work with on art/Writing?

Olivia: Oh, I'd love to work with some of the great dragon artists of the world. My mother's a pretty great painter though, so, really, I'm content where I am. :)

7: Find the Nearest Book, open to page 6 and type the 4 line on said page.

"Ddraig": ...explores the issues of normative theory. A focus that takes us back to one of... (Marsh & Stoker, 2010, page 6) :blah:

Eve: Music-vs-Reading 

8: Do you ever log out of dA? (Be honest people!)

"Ddraig": Sometimes, I often work at uni computers on my various written projects, so I don't want to risk other people accessing my account.

9: This is a Question...

Eve: If you insist...
Olivia: Well, if they're going to start being silly about it...
Eve & Olivia: :YMCA:
Eve: Wait, how does this work? There's only two of us, and we're both girls!

10: When did you stop taking this seriously?

Eve: When "Ddraig" started quoting Theories and Methods in Political Science.
Olivia: When we were fighting about the YMCA dance.
"Ddraig": There was a point when you took this seriously?

I'm not tagging anyone, but if I was  going to, I'd tag :iconamcalmaron:, :iconactherockdevil: and :iconexlaa:. Sadly, I can't think of 10 worthwhile questions, so you're all off the hook!


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With regards to the thing I was saying a while back about Ddraig and Cystal's completely new relationship with one another, can you picture the two having nights like this together?…
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hmmm, yeah. That'd be a pretty nice way to go about things. I've rather neglected Ddraig's and Cystal's relationship post-TG. Something for 'ItP 2'. Though I doubt I'd call it that.
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You could explore it in Ember's Story too; Ddraig is going to visit her relatives and Cystal, so there could be a moment where she and Cystal go off together to catch up, and the two just end up lying on couches and chatting (and Ddraig could perhaps muse that it's a bit odd how their relationship has changed to this new girly friendship, but she's happy with this/getting used to it)...I'm reminded of that old concept where Cystal was going to tease Ddraig about her being in love with Alexander, and Ddraig was going to throw a cushion at her while she laughed...heh, perhaps that'd work better with Alexandria and Selena, though (like in that other concept where Selena was teasing Alexandria by asking if Liang was "any good", and Alexandria being embarrassed and making excuses, before finally admitting "yes", leading to Selena laughing her head off). 

Heh, it just occurred to me that if Ddraig did go off with Cystal to chat, she'd have left poor Alexander alone in a house of dragons who'd be giving him suspicious looks, so he'd be stuck awkwardly sitting in a room with them. Perhaps he could say this to Ddraig later on, and she'll apologise for not thinking about that and will promise to stick with him until the others have warmed to him. Hmm, Dyfan's still around, isn't he? I wonder if it'd be funny if he was the only one who ended up talking with Alexander, which made him even MORE uncomfortable...
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, it does seem like an uncomfortable situation of Greywater at first. Especially if his relationship with Cystal isn't great.
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