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Jul 5, 2015
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I know I am not an American citizen - I'm Welsh as I've so often said here on DeviantART -, but I do feel that talking about the events of two days ago, really are worth attention, and I didn't have my thoughts straightened out on the subject until now.

So, on the 26th of June, 2015, the case of Obergefell v Hodges became a landmark ruling which declared that Gay Marriage should be legal throughout the United States of America, with five of the nine Supreme Court judges ruling in favor of nationwide Gay Marriage. The case ultimately, according to my research into the topic, emerged after a same-sex couple from Ohio, where, as a result of one half of said couple being terminally ill, the surviving partner sought to have his name placed on the death certificate to show him as the surviving partner, which, of course, wouldn't really be legal in some states, while others would allow it. I feel it's important to know the story behind such an important case.

Personally, I find myself likening it to the Brown v. Board II case of 1955 (though the 1967 Loving v. Virginia ruling, which overturned laws preventing inter-racial marriages, is more directly comparable to this 2015 ruling), which overturned racial segregation laws which dictated that white and non-white children had to attend separate schools; a ruling which overturned the case of 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson ruling, which opened the floodgates for segregation laws under the mantle of 'Separate but Equal'.

Needless to say, these are both good rulings, breaking down barriers and overturning discrimination in one of the most powerful countries in the world... On a legal level.

This is what I'm worried about: I've seen, here on DeviantART, many people joyfully declaring "Love Wins", going so far as to make a hashtag saying as such... Perhaps it's because I'm a horrible cynic about everything, but I'd challenge this. It's a victory for Love, on a political and legal level. But I've seen just as much bigotry and ignorance on the very posts which celebrate this landmark ruling. When I first saw them, I was angry, as you'd expect. The truth of the matter is quite simple: a legal ruling isn't going to make social prejudices go away. The extremist Christain lunatics who so ferociously fight any development on the rights of the LGBT community haven't simply disappeared. The bigots aren't suddenly going to break bread with gay people as though nothing has ever divided them.

The inequality has only been amended on a legal level so far, for the LGBT community in countries where gay marriage is legalized, there is still the bigotry and the social stigmas which may exist. But this should not dishearten people. The fact the United States, a country known for having Slavery and Jim Crow Segregation has overcome each of these accursed social injustices, one by one. This is a HUGE victory for the LGBT community, but Love has not won yet. What must be done now, both in the US and the UK (as I doubt we're totally free of LGBT discrimination here either), is a continued effort to try to educate and combat the ignorance and the bigotry which isn't going to go away just because a piece of paper tells it to.

In today's world, discriminating on someone because they're black and using words such as "n***er" would never be accepted, and rightfully so. Discriminating on someone because they're a woman and objectifying them would never be accepted, and rightfully so. Discriminating on the disabled and making fun of them because they cannot walk or do things an able-bodied person can do would never be accepted, and rightfully so! However, we here in the Western World continue to live in a society where terms like "Gay" are used as insults, stereotypes continued to be thrown about to make fun, this is not acceptable, and yet it persists in our society. It needs to be stamped out, right the way down to the schoolyard level and beyond. The ideal would be a world where being LGBT is so ordinary and commonplace that it's almost boring to talk about, because in essence, it is: There are SO MANY LGBT people in the world that it IS commonplace, and in the long and short of it, it IS ordinary. I think, once the social adjustments have been made, and homophobic behaviour is cracked down on as hard as racist behavior, and then people reach a state where the very matter itself becomes a non-issue, then I would say Love Wins.

I don't think this is an unrealistic aspiration. We've done it with women, with people of different races and religions, with the disabled, etc. This is simply on in a number of stepping stones in becoming a better society, and a species which deserves to be what we are, and where we are. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm an idiot. Maybe I'm a socialist twat who wants to destroy and enslave the world with my athiest, communist, gay agenda. Maybe I should just get back to writing stories about dragons... I've said my piece, and I'd like to think I've been insightful, or at least interesting, if nothing else, and I offer you my most sincere thanks if you've indeed bothered to read this far.

Sites I used to source my knowledge for this post:

Edit: Starred out part of one of the words of this journal, as I never feel quite comfortable using it.


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KeizerHarm Featured By Owner Edited 4 hours ago
Arg, now that Greece voted Ochi, I think I will abandon my EU citizenship, and become a full Avalarian. That country thankfully has a currency union and a political union, as the first without the latter is what causes such a situation... Please pass my sincere gratitude to Ddraig for having stuff figured out.

I am really thinking; what if one of the autocrats who tried to conquer all of Europe in the recent history (Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, you name them) actually won? It would start out ranging from some weirdness to totalitarian genocidal mayhem, depending on the autocrat, but after a century or so things would have settled down and the government would have shifted towards the political centre, to improve foreign relations. And we'd end up with a complete and powerful European Federation, without sub-national democratic entities vulnerable to populism, where each of them individually has the power to really mess things up.

I think the wisest option for the EU to take at the moment would be to keep some functions of the EU, but kick all but half a dozen strong nations out of the euro, and have them slowly form a federation, and only then focus on adding more members, after the existing ones are prepared to surrender their sovereignty, and the new members are willing to do the same. The problem with that is that people are stupid and think Braveheart represents a valid political goal. So perhaps we should dismantle the whole EU, wait a century or two, until the nations are even more stable and alike, and try again with a fresh generation who hopefully learned from this screw-up.

What do you think? (I'm assuming a Welsh-European politics-enthusiast would have an opinion about it)
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Holy hell! D: This, this is bad... Well, neither of the two options were good, but I feel this one is more damaging for everyone in the long run.

As for Avalar, the equivalent for them right now would be Okarthel, though the difference is that Greece, if my memory of history suffices, cooked their books to get into the Euro in the first place.  Okarthel kept it's books in good order, but had the misfortune to be completely ruined by Malefor's war. I might tag :iconamcalmaron: in this, but my headcanon for that is that, in DotD, the Destoryer had to (according to the wikki) completele a ritual called 'The Ring of Annihilation' which would bring about destruction of the world. My theory is that, in order to do this, the Destoryer had to walk, from the place it climbed out of the world, horizontally around the entire planet (West to East) and climb back into the mountain from which it came, in a process which took a little over three years. Part of me wanted to do a drabble where different parts of the world bear witness to it, or try to fight it as The Destroyer goes on its fateful journey. On a world map, I've made the prediction it goes along 45 degrees above the Equator, and starting in Avalar. So, it goes through some major countries: France, The US, it just misses Japan, but goes through China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and the Balkans before finally returning to Avalar.

But I digress... I, I really don't know what to do here, to be honest. I never said I had all the answers, but I still don't entirely think doing away with the entire EU is the best idea. It requires change, yes, but... I think that might be a bit too extreme. I don't know. :shrug:
KeizerHarm Featured By Owner Edited 3 hours ago
Yep, they did... Basically, in 2009, the just-installed Minister of Finances Papakonstantinou called up his European colleagues, and basically said: "Hiya... You know, our budget deficit isn't really 6%... It's 13%. And ehm, we lied about that consistently in the last decade. Yep, it's fraud. So... Sorry! Anyway, please lend us 110 billion euros, we need them..."

Ah, that does sound interesting. Was that the Golem that destroyed Warfang?

The thing is that if you have a currency union without a political union, it won't work, especially if they're all democracies. What would be safer: a nuclear reactor with one self-destruct button, or one with nineteen of those buttons? Each of those member states has the ability to screw it up for everyone, and because of populism it may very well occasionally seem very appeasing for them to (threaten to) do so. The EU either needs to become a federation, or to ditch the common currency, and while I'd rather have the first, I don't see the 500 million people willing to surrender their sovereignty any time soon, however rationally beneficial it may be to them.
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Ooooh, I didn't know the exact numbers... Fuck. D:

No. The Golem and The Destroyer are different creatures.…

Ah. I see your point. :o
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CyborgNekoSica Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
Thx for fav
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
No problem.
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Have you seen any of this artist's animations before? Thank you for 3,000 subs!! by KASAnimation

Sorry to spam you with pictures; I'm just in the process of clearing out my messages folder, and I'm stumbling across all these cool images!
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
I had not. No. It's pretty good. :D
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Edited 18 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww... Spyro and Cynder by Tatujapa

EDIT: And another picture; Devara-Meera by Titanopetra
This one makes me wonder just what Sekeolath might look area not originally settled by humans, so dragons had a chance to build their own cities...I wonder if there'd be any other special sites like this in less populated areas of the world...
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Ooooh, cool.

And you do raise a good point. I go to quite a long way to talk about draconic culture and dragon cities, but we don't really look into what those cities might look like. Warfang is only one city, influence heavily by Roman culture. Sekeolath is also Draconic, but its own Nordic shade of Draconic, taking a lot of influence from the Vikings. Since they're mostly ice dragons, I can see early Sekeolasian dragon cities being made of wood, with a lot of longhouses and buildings of that ilk, with stone buildings coming later, but still retaining a lot of Viking/Scandinavian influences. As we've discussed before, Germanic Paganism lives on in a reformed state in Sekeolath, so the longhouse and that sort of thing might still live on there.
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